Grow your Amazon sales through Paid Search campaigns

Our team of experts leverage data, tools, and analytics to manage your campaigns while maximizing your budget and driving demand for your products.

What is Amazon Advertising? 

Amazon Advertising are media ads that appear alongside other product results on Amazon.  When properly executed, Amazon Advertising helps increase page views and ultimately demand for your products.

Vendors and Sellers can utilize Amazon Advertising (Sponsored Brands, Product Display Ads, Sponsored Products) at no upfront cost; you pay only when shoppers click on ads.

Bidding on search terms related to your products is a key component to running a successful Amazon business.  This is true for established brands, upstarts, mom and pop 3P sellers and anyone else trying to sell products on Amazon.  ​​


Paid Search (Sponsored  Products) campaigns drive views to your products and help increase sales

  • Now more that 50% of consumers conducting product research immediately go to Amazon to search for products to buy.  

  • Amazon Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products can appear above organic search results (above the fold) allowing these products to appear on “Page 1” of search results. 

  • Additional Sponsored Product placements can appear in the middle of organic search results and at the bottom of organic search results.  ​

What we do? 

​We strategically manage our clients’ Amazon Advertising spend. We are pros at creating, optimizing, and reporting on ad campaigns. Our expertise includes sponsored products, sponsored brands, and product display ad campaigns. 

Growing your brand and product visibility is key to accelerating your sales and organic ranking on Amazon. We create campaigns for sponsored products and sponsored brands to align with your objectives.

Our experts use rich search term data and sales objectives to determine how to maximize budget across your ASINs. We use different media and retail strategies to keep your products in the buy box and in front of consumers based on initial and on-going catalog and category audits.

To find out more please contact us to schedule an overview of our Amazon Advertising services. 

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